Welcome to the electronic library of the Toronto Ukrainian Library Association (TULA)

created with the assistance of members of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv, Ukraine. This digitized collection has been created from books and periodicals which were part of the TULA library holdings in Toronto, Canada.

The collection’s main focus are books and periodicals published in the post Second World War period by the third wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. It also includes publications from earlier waves of Ukrainian settlement, as well as diaspora publications from other countries. This electronic library provides a unique insight into the creative, scholarly, and journalistic achievements of Ukrainians in Canada and their contributions to Ukrainian studies. These books and periodical were published during a period when freedom of the press did not exist in Soviet Ukraine and there was widespread censorship by the Communist Regime. Although little known in contemporary Ukraine, they are a testament to the contributions in all fields of endeavour made by the Ukrainian diaspora. The English language books and periodicals continue to serve as a valuable source of information in the world about Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The collection consists of books and periodicals mostly in Ukrainian and English. It includes works of literature, history, culture, philosophy, political science, geography, as well as some children’s books. The hard copies of this electronic library have been donated to various libraries in Canada and Ukraine.

Materials in this collection are protected by international copyright laws.


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    У 2019 році TULA прийняла рішення перевести книжки до будинку НТШ у Львові, а газети і періодику до Львівської національної наукової бібліотеки України імені В. Стефаника. Створено електронний каталог, який містить більше ніж 10 тисяч книжок. Бібліотека зберігається в приміщенні НТШ, за адресою м. Львів, вул. Винниченка 26.